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Sample Product Offer

Purchase $175.00 (retail) worth of Rozelle Comsetics for only $80.
Cost includes shipping.

Product Offer Includes:

Beauty Scrub Eye Shadow (6)
Eye Make-Up Remover Powder Blush (3)
Nite & Morn Moisturizer Lip and Eye Pencil
Bio-Active Moisturizer Lipsticks (5)
TV Touch Concealer (3) Lip Gloss (3)
Nature’s Moisture Guard Mascara
Vitamin E Stick Translucent Powder

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Please choose a skin type below:
Normal Dry Oily
Chamomile Cleansing Gel Cream Float Foam Wash
Pink Grapefruit Toner Pink Grapefruit Toner Astringent
Seaweed Masque Seaweed Masque Mint Masque
Matte Foundation Liquid Foundation Matte Foundation

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