Concealer, T.V. Touch, Contour & Tone Balance

ConcealerHypo Allergenic Concealer, T.V. Touch & Contour

Cover It Up! Dermatologist tested creamy textured concealers come to your rescue to cover dark circles, hide fine lines, redness, bruising and balance skin discolorations. Click on the picture at left to see our color selection.

Also available in packaging listed below:

Contour Sticks – packaged in a lipstick tube.

Wand – packaged in lip gloss tube.

Amber Glo BronzerNEW PRODUCT!! Amber Glo Bronzer- A warm-toned, medium brown cream with a gold shimmer finish.





Tone Balance

Tone BalanceBetter known as a “neutralizer or palette balancer” is the preliminary step in a make-up application.


Available in four colors:

Yellow – neutralizes dark circles and bruising;
Green – tones down red irritated skin and helps conceal tiny broken blood vessels;
Violet– corrects dull yellow undertones;
White– smooths out uneven pigmentation

Color Correctors Concealer Tone Balance Page  New and Improved Color Correctors!!!  Layer and blend these creamy color correctors to treat your skin discoloration concerns. Conceal redness, bruising, dark circles, blue and yellow tones on all skin types.



“Our Products are Paraben Free”
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