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2022 Fall/Winter Collection



Retractable Pencils




Black Magic Eye Pencil

Medium Brown Eyebrow Pencil

Elegant Rose Lip Pencil









Lip Scrub + Peppermint Vitamin E Lip Balm

Pair our lip scrub with out new peppermint lip balm. Our pumice scrub exfoliates and helps remove dead skin cells from the lips.

Giving your lips that nice, smooth and hydrated feel. While our peppermint lip balm helps nourish and heal cracked lips giving a cooling and refreshing effect.

Cream Blush

Our cream blush formula works for all skin types and all age ranges. It’s especially perfect for dry or more mature skin which needs that extra bit of moisture.

Cream blush is easy to apply and leaves a natural soft gorgeous glow.

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Color Correctors

New and Improved Color Correctors

Layer and blend these creamy color correctors to treat your skin discoloration concerns. Conceal redness, bruising, dark circles, blue and yellow tones on all skin types.



2022 Fall/Winter Collection Colors

Eye Shadows 

Hush Matte Shadow

Country Road Matte Shadow

Wednesday Luminous Shadow

Betty HPP Shadow

Garnet HPP Shadow

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Color Corrector


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Brow Powder






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Fa-La-La Lipstick

Chic Lipstick

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Lip Gloss

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Honey Nude

Santorini Sunset


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AVAILABLE NOW: New packaging clear pot with black cover.

NEW shade: deep



Setting Spray


A light weight formulated spray to finish your look and maximize the wear of your makeup.



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