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Rozelle Cosmetics – Over 50 Years of High Quality Private Label Cosmetics

Rozelle is one of a few private label cosmetic manufacturers and contract fillers located in the USA

Experience our 50 year commitment to the beauty industry by our reformulation of our cosmetics. Our products are now paraben free with increased moisture and shine. Rozelle’s dedicated staff continues to provide the private label beauty industry with high quality and consistent cosmetics products.

Rozelle’s commitment, together with your dreams, becomes a reality!

In the era of live television, our creator Mrs. Brittain founded Rozelle Cosmetics in New York City. Originally producing our celebrated TV Touch Concealer, Formula 399 Crème and Eye Make Up Remover, Mrs. Brittain pursued her simple desire of helping others by turning Rozelle into a Private Label Manufacturer. Today, Rozelle has become one of the beauty industry’s premier suppliers.

A powerful manufacturer behind your private label brand.

Rozelle’s experience in the beauty industry is entirely committed to building your brand the best we can. You can create a product line and branding scheme that reflects your company, and with Rozelle’s quality product see it become a reality. Since you are buying directly from a manufacturer, you will see the true benefits and profits of wholesale pricing.

Our commitment to you…creates your brand.

As some of the largest and smallest world renowned beauty brands already know, Rozelle Cosmetics is the best choice in Private Label Manufacturing and Contract Filling.

Industry know-how…knowledgeable resources…competitive products and pricing.

Private Label

Your brand name on our cosmetics – no minimum order requirements!

Private Labeling


Contract Filling

Your name, your product and complete confidentiality. We can fill, label, code and box your product ready for the shelf!

Contract Filling

Paraben Free

Our products are free from harmful Paraben.

Paraben Free

No Animal Testing

100% animal-friendly! We refrain from animal testing for cosmetic purposes.

No Animal Testing